06-07 JULY 2018


Presentation opportunity with SKYPE

The specialist as we know in the modern age is a creation of modernity. Up until the modern age, scholars were known for their expertise in social areas. From Avicenna (Ibn-i Sina) and Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi to Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo many Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment scholars were polymath, mastering knowledge from several fields. The needs of the modern age created specialists focusing deeply on one field. At the convergence of post-modernism and the age of the internet, social, cultural and economic realities of increasingly diverse societies have created a new need for the revival of polymath. Emerging globalization in the post-Cold War triggered rapid social change that cannot be explained from the perspective of a single discipline. This reality increased the focus on social science studies but because the academic field is largely dominated by discipline-focused academic organizations and gatherings, experts focusing on social science studies find limited avenues to disseminate their findings. One of the aims of this symposium is to create a platform for the dissemination of knowledge in social science studies. Moreover, the symposium aims to create a scholars network for the future development of social science studies in a wide range of disciplines and in the long term it aims to facilitate a ground for the reemergence of the polymath. For that purpose we welcome submissions in the fields listed below. All interested scholars should submit an abstract sent to from website: http://www.sobysemp.org/